Can you imagine learning a language while watching your favorite videos?
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Papagei Learning is reimagining language learning

Our seamless technology transforms video from CNN, NBC News, The New York Times, Angry Birds, BBC and more—into language-learning exercises, using the latest brain science.

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The way your brain loves to learn
Content you love
Brain science
Anywhere, any time, any device
Papagei Learning helps you speak the
language where you live
We’re here to help the millions of people who need to learn English—succeed.
Students, Employees, Immigrants, Refugees
Learn a language while watching more than 10,000
of your favorite videos
Papagei is affordable and flexible
Ranging from just $5-$29 per user, per month, Papagei Learning provides access to over 10,000
interactive videos and 30,000 language learning exercises.
Train your brain with four distinct models for language learning.
Online tutoring
Blended learning
On-the-job training
Trusted around the globe
With the interesting content of you learn a new foreign language, motivated and independent of time and spaceMercedes Benz, Turkey
We certify that offers great flexibility, high reliability as well as a pleasant and motivating way of language training.Benjamin Waßmann, Airport Hannover
Award-winning technology
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